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RazPro - Active

RazPro Credit Ltd finances your investment ideas for real estate mortgage
Term: from 6 months to 5 years
Interest: up to 2,5% a week   
Amount: 75% of property valuation
Collateral: houses, stores, offices, hotels and other real estates
property insurance is required for the collateral   
option for refinancing
No disbursement fee
No application fee
No commission
No fee for payment before maturity
Options for negotiating the interest percentage

7000 Bgn+
2000 Bgn
1000 Bgn
250 Bgn
2% Interest
3% Interest
4% Interest
5% Interest
12 Weeks
24 Weeks
36 Weeks
52 Weeks

Business credits

RazPro - Business

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RazPro - Active

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