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RazPro - Auto

Fast loan with an automobile guarantee in the amount of up to 30 % of the automobile evaluation   
This loan refers to automobiles manufactured after 2005
Term: up to 24 months
Respond: up to 24 hours
Interest: up to 10% a month   
The automobile that will be a guarantee must belong to you or you must be authorized by a third person to use it
The automobile must not be investigated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or INTERPOL, must not be a part of a legal prosecution, must not have a signed sale contract and must not have any other burdens.
No disbursement fee
No application fee
No commission
No fee for payment before maturity
Options for negotiating the interest percentage

7000 Bgn+
2000 Bgn
1000 Bgn
250 Bgn
2% Interest
3% Interest
4% Interest
5% Interest
12 Weeks
24 Weeks
36 Weeks
52 Weeks

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